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Enhance your Storybook Brawl experience with exclusive cosmetics and data-driven insights.

Exclusive In-Game Cosmetics

Official Costumes and Hero Frames designed by the Storybook Brawl team. Can’t be unlocked anywhere else.

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Animated Frame3 exclusive Storybook Brawl Costumes with 3 Emotes each
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Companion Features

Always Pick The Best Hero

Can’t decide which hero to pick? See how often each hero wins lobbies to maximize your chances for success.

The Companion hero picking overlay feature in Storybook Brawl

Position Your Characters Correctly

Hover any character in game to see where and for how long the best players keep them on the board.

The Companion hero guide feature in Storybook Brawl
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Website Features

Master the Meta

Get in-depth stats about each hero and an advanced view of the tier list for Storybook Brawl with custom sorting. Advanced Storybook Brawl Tier List in Table Form
Storybook Brawl hero image with Emotes3 exclusive Storybook Brawl Costumes with 3 Emotes each

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Get access to exclusive cosmetics, advanced Companion features, and much more with Premium for Storybook Brawl.

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Website Features
Basic Hero Tier List
Advanced Hero Tier List
First Place Builds
In-Game Overlay Features
Hero Tier, Skill Level & Comps
Hero Avg. Placement & Distribution
Hero Brief & Compositions
Character Board Stats
In-Game Cosmetic Rewards
Costumes & Emotes
Hero Frames
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