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Companion Features

Hero Picking Overlay

See the current Tier rating, Pick Rate, Difficulty, and preferred Compositions for the Hero pool you are given.

The Untapped.gg Companion hero picking overlay feature in Storybook Brawl

Hero Piloting Guide

Learn how to play your Hero with written guides and data-powered suggestions for what compositions to play to take your Hero to the next level.

The Untapped.gg Companion hero guide feature in Storybook Brawl

Card, Treasure, and Spell Browser

Quickly browse all Characters, Treasures, and Spells available in the game without leaving your lobby.

The Untapped.gg Companion card browser feature in Storybook Brawl
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Website Features

Hero Tier List

View how powerful and popular each Storybook Brawl hero is, how easy or difficult they are to play, and more.

View Tier List
Storybook Brawl hero tier list on Untapped website

First Place Builds

View recent builds that players achieved first place with and improve your chances to claim the crown.

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Storybook Brawl hero image with Emotes3 exclusive Storybook Brawl Costumes with 3 Emotes each

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LSVMTG Hall of Famer & Storybook Brawl content director

The Untapped.gg deck tracker has every feature I want, both as a streamer and as a player. I especially love getting to see the last known board of my opponents, since that info is super useful. I highly recommend it!

Sir Salty
Sir SaltyTop ranked player in Storybook Brawl

I love how clean and easy to use it is! By far the most streamlined tracker which displays only the most important info.

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Here is how you can receive 12,000 Fairy Dust to unlock new heroes:
1Download Storybook Brawl for free on Steam
Install Storybook Brawl button in Steam
2Open Storybook Brawl and go to Settings
Settings cog in the Storybook Brawl main menu
3Redeem coupon code and enjoy your new heroes!
Redeem Code button in the Storybook Brawl settings

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