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Storybook Brawl Now Available in the Companion

The Companion is a free app to help you play like the pros. Download it now to get these must-have features:
  • See available minions and treasures whenever you need it.
  • Hover any opponent to see their last known board.
  • Also includes a host of features for MTG Arena.
Untapped Companion last known board

Get 3 heroes for free!

Here is how you can receive 12,000 Fairy Dust to unlock new heroes:
1Download Storybook Brawl for free on Steam
Install Storybook Brawl button in Steam
2Open Storybook Brawl and go to Settings
Settings cog in the Storybook Brawl main menu
3Redeem coupon code and enjoy your new heroes!
Redeem Code button in the Storybook Brawl settings

New to Storybook Brawl?

Here are some resources to get you started.
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